Betty was born on February 20 th 1961 in Varese and spent her youth in Porto Ceresio.

In 1981 she marries Libero Buzzi and, following a dear friend’s invitation, they leave for mission to Uganda. Here Libero works as a volunteer for AVSI in various projects for cooperation and development in the health sector and for sanitary and water supply. Initially they live in Kitgum but, given the difficult situation caused by the guerrilla, they move to the capital (Kampala). Together with some friends they found a primary school, for which Betty works as secretary; moreover, she has the responsibility to manage the AVSI hostel that hosts the coming volunteers.

In 2000 the family, now become bigger thanks to the birth of Giovanni, Anna Aber and Carlo, comes definitively back to Italy. Betty gets ill, but however she gives her availability as volunteer as secretary of the Middle School Manfredini.

Betty passes away on April 13 th 2006.

Here is how Luciana Ciantia, a friend and associate of Betty during their adventure in Uganda, tells us about her:

Thinking back to the life spent in Uganda together with Betty I recall certain situations or facts that we have intensely lived together.

October 2 nd 1986; rebels’ attack to Kitgum’s mission. I am in the mission’s hospital, my husband is in the city hospital at work and Betty is at home. When the guerrilla fighters attack Kitgum, passing through our homes’ gardens, armed and ferocious, Betty takes refuge with her son Giovanni and my two children Matteo and Monica in the little house’s bathroom, and hides with the little ones in the shower, in order to protect them from the bullets flying all around.

In Kampala Betty volunteers to be the accountant of the Italian school “Giuseppe Ambrosoli”. She was incredibly precise. A few weeks before leaving Uganda I was asked to take over her job. In a few days she explains me how to do it, but I have never been able to keep the registers so tidy and neat as she used to do.

Still in Kampala Betty becomes responsible for managing the AVSI hostel. She teaches many girls how to be good house keepers, how to cook and iron. Some of the girls trained by her are still working at the hostel and they are really admired for how they keep the hostel clean and tidy and for the Italian meals they offer the guests.

Moreover, Betty was very accurate with the guests and she remembered if anyone had particular needs or wishes (a thin pillow, a heavier blanket, a special diet, etc.): the guests were always treated with the best care and attention.

On April 25 th 1990 Carlo was born, her third child, for whom she needed to undergo caesarean cut. Betty is treated at Nsambya hospital, where I still work nowadays, by doctor Miriam Duggan, supported by my husband Pippo. The day after the procedure she asks to be discharged in order to stay at home with the other children. She had a resistance to pain which was unique; I have never heard her complain for any illness or ache that occurred to her.

Eventually, in December 1997 Betty teaches me how to artificially feed the child we had adopted. All my natural children had been breastfed and I had never used a nursing bottle. Betty, the day Emmanuele arrived, showed me how to prepare the milk, how to regulate the bottleneck and how to check the milk’s temperature.

Betty was a hard worker, a much delicate and much humble person. That kind of people that never seems to be there, but which always appears when you need it.