The Betty Boys Day’s history started in April 2006, when Elisabetta, Anna’s mother passed away after being seriously ill for a long time.

One year later, Fr. Lawrence, a missionary priest in Kolli Hills (Tamil Nadu, India) and friend with Libero, Anna’s father, proposed to dedicate and entitle to Elisabetta’s (Betty) memory a boarding school built in the aftermath of the Tsunami’s tragedy.


Anna and some friends were very much impressed, thinking how a tragic and apparently meaningless event, as the death of a cared one, could mysteriously generate a small flower of hope on the other side of the world.

Precisely out of the emotion for what had happened, was born the BBD (Betty Boys Day); an annual one-day fundraising event which aims to aid this little flower to keep blossoming.

IMG_1605Therefore, after the BBD’s fourth edition, moved from the continuous fruits of it, among which the possibility to re-decorate the school and to buy beds for the children thanks to the funds raised, we have decided to take even more seriously this history and we have chosen to make an important step: to establish the “Betty Boys charity association”, in order to keep telling everyone that death can become a seed of resurrection, as Betty has silently suggested us.

Indeed, to observe that which was possible to build in Kolli Hills, thanks to the generosity of many people, and which we could experience during the previous BBD’s editions, really gives hope.